I'm out there, I've been trying to get a band together for a long time. PM me. I'm in Houston.
I'm in the north houston area (humble/kingwood/atascocita) and I'm mainly a metal-ish vocalist. I play a bit of guitar, but I play more rythym than lead. One of my good friends plays guitar pretty well and can sing really well. What styles are you interested in playing, and what area are you in?
im in the east area (pasadena, baytown). i play guitar, can play anything from iron maiden to children of bodom.
I live in the Heights, just west of downtown...ive been itching for a long time to jam with someone else...I listen to way too much music...Zeppelin, Pantera, RHCP, Allman Bros, Django, Wes Montgomery, Vai, ATDI, Mars Volta, Lamb of God, Mastodon, The Smiths, Beck, Rush, Chet Atkins, PTW...god, way too much...let me know if any of yall want to jam...anyone go to UH?