So when I learn stuff on the guitar, I find that the best way for me to progress quickly is to use an instructional book.

So can you recommend me a good book for learning fingerstyle? I don't want a book for absolute beginners, just something to get me from beginner/intermediate to advanced.

Please post links, (preferably from English websites)

It isn't often a book comes along that offers a new and unique way to play fingerstyle guitar. So Steve Baughman's "Frailing The Guitar" book/CD is a refreshing change of pace. This simple technique in which the thumb is employed on an upbeat, instead of on its usual downbeat, creates a driving groove reminiscent of Appalachian banjo. Frailing is a very versatile pattern that works as well with singer-songwriter guitar accompaniment as it does with fingerpicking blues and old time fiddle tunes.

This book/CD is well laid-out with numerous examples in both slow and fast versions. Although each example identifies the associated CD track, the CD directly tracks the sections in the book. This makes it very easy to work your way through the examples. Being able to hear the examples makes all the difference in the world in learning the technique.

The tunes are also graduated from easier to more difficult to allow a gradual progression as the technique is mastered. While all of the tunes in the book use open tunings, Steve does show how it can be used in Standard tuning as well. This modestly priced book/CD gives you everything you need to add this great new technique to your toolbox.

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While like previously suggested that I get a lot of print outs from online, I too have a book and put EVERYTHING from print outs, songs, and so on on hold and in a drawer. I am FOCUSING on one finger picking book, and even if it takes me a week, 2 or months to get it down really well just two melodies so be it. It's a process and I found when I kept jumping from this and that I wasn't really getting really good on anything, I new very little and played eh on everything I messed with. With that said I wish I new the author of my finger picking book but I don't. If I remember to look tonight after my date I will and get back to you on this. But I didn't do any research, I just hit a music store with a decent selection, browsed them all, used some commonsense and picked one. I know about four melodies so far but really good on two of them. In my opinion, as I get really good on the previous melodies I will probably progress even faster on the ones later on in the book for it's designed to start with basic chords and simpler/basic finger picking patterns, and progresses from there. However, if you are set on buying/researching online here is what I suggest and usually works fairly well for me on ANYTHING that I want to buy. I go to Amazon, and in this case type "finger picking" under the book section and READ the reviews on there. The ones with the best reviews and has the description that sits well with me is the book I would go with. I have one book from Eric Clapton I so wish I never got and that I just bought on a wim at the bookstore. So think it through, review it, and if that isn't possible read the reviews online.
Good news and bad news.

Good news is that I have the name of the book/author and here is a link to it.

I am not that far into the book but I like it so far. My goal is to play everything in the book really well. Spend as much time as it takes to progress to the next thing. I am not concerned if I forget the melodies later on for like my job, if I don't keep using the information I learned I won't retain. It's about getting good at the melody you are working on and then moving on. It progresses in a very nice manner.

Good luck.

Bad news. I am not feeling the date I had lastnight.
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I,d go to different web sites theres hundreds!!

I can't argue with that. But what I like about the book is it's a guide that takes you from basics to the more advance levels. With doing it online it's really not put out that way and you could be working on something that is a bit harder than you are ready for. Just my opinion.