Hi guys,

I've been a member here for 2 years and never realized this side of the forum existed, so this is my first post here.

Over the past year I've given singing another shot after stopping for several years. I did Men's Choir at my high school, but it was audition-less, so as long as you were a warm body, you were in. Needless to say, I got next to no formal vocal training.

So here's my question; Do you guys have any pointers or places to look to get some direction on how to sing well?

I can match pitch pretty well, but I really want to improve my overall tone, vibrato, and how long I can hold notes (breathing techniques?). I also really want to improve my falsetto.

I sing primarily alternative rock or indie rock. Bands that sing in a comfortable range for me include Radiohead, Death Cab for Cutie, Jeff Buckely (except when he falsettos), Grizzly Bear, Minus the Bear, The Smiths and Thrice if that helps you gauge what I'm going for. If it helps, I sang as a Tenor II in my high school choir, but I could get a bit below the Tenor II range, and a bit above it (not that much in either direction though).

Thanks for reading!

- Dan
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Honestly, there is absolutely no substitute for proper lessons. Here is a link that explains why.


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I know it sounds crazy, but try to learn to inhale your voice. www.thebelcantotechnique.com

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That makes sense. Thanks. I'll look into getting some vocal lessons when I'm on break.