There is something I keep coming back to but only two chords into and one I have no idea the actual chord so this is a multi-part question:

1. To avoid buying a book and trying to find finger patterns to what the actual note/chord it is, is there an online tool that you can plug in the frets pressed and strings strummed and it will spit out the chord like C7, DM, etc.?

2. I having been messing with this pattern and it starts with one chord but do not know the actual chord just something I did by accident and it sounded really good and it goes great with a C-chord for it fits well with the sound I am shooting for. The guitar is tuned to the standard E and the fingers are as follows:
-First finger on the high E 1st fret
-Middle finger on the A string 2nd fret
-Ring finger on the low E 3rd fret
So it's basically the C-chord but only on the 1st, 5th, and 6th string. Then I jump into the C-Chord after that which is the same frets but on the 2nd, 4th, and 5th strings: B, D & A strings.

3. Once I know and you know the name of the actual chord and play the C after, I am trying to find the right chord that goes with that sound. I tried all the basics and many other things but haven't found it yet. Help on that one.
Thats a Gmaj7 according to this fancy shmancy iphone app I have. It's a pretty comprehensive chord list, but it doesn't quite do what you're asking about. Ironically enough, its just called guitar chords.

as for the third question thats entirely relative to your taste, maybe somebody else will want to try their hand at that.
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That's a G7 chord.

Try playing an F before the G7 and C and then play an A7 afterward. So the chord progression would be F, G7, C, A7

Like this...


F G7 C A7

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Thanks guys/gals (not sure which) I will give that a shot tonight.

One other thing, is there a tool I can use to determine finger positions to their chords? I rather not flip through a book endlessly trying to match the finger positions, and I am sure there might be some music logic behind it where I can at least narrow it down, maybe by the root note. Let me know.

Thanks again.
You can use the mathematical formula based off the root. I'm pretty sure I saw a lesson on here somewhere with a big list. Don't really know it all myself, but its something like this:

Major= Root, third, fifth
Minor= Root, flat third, fifth
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