Hello people,

I have been playing for 3 years as self-taught and today I decided to take my first lesson. My main goal is not taking lessons though, but going to the local music school to know other people and form or join a band.

Anyway, I play hard rock and metal, but the teacher was a fingerpicking/blues guy and he started to talk about complex chords and similar stuffs I will never use, then he told me that I should always use strict alternate picking and nothing else. He also believed that the most brutal band was Pantera.

He is a nice guy and he has an amazing fingerpicking style (he can literally shred without pick), but he knows nothing about metal. Considering that my goal is just knowing other people, should I keep taking lessons anyway? What would you do?
It never hurts to learn something new, and despite differing views on metal that guy seems to know whats up. I just started taking lessons also and it is all blues/jazz and complex music theory. I have noticed an immediate drastic improvement in the metal I play.
There is nothing you cannot incorporate into metal. And to be honest, there is nothing you cannot incorporate into any style. I found the most helpful things to learn, to improve my composition (melodic death mostly) was jazz and blues, and spending alot of time going over chords and phrasing.

The thing with alternate is preference. Some say always alternate because it's easier to keep time and is more aggresive sounding than economy, others prefer economy where possible due to ease. It's a matter of preference. I personaly almost always only use alternate (except sweeping), but that's just me.
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