I've come to GG&A to help me make the most logical and rational choice about my current rig.

My Current Rig consists of;

2006 American Strat

Fender Super 60

Boss DS-1
Fulltone OCD
Boss CE-2
MXR Carbon Copy

Now im still not too happy with the tone i get from my amp, perhaps because fender are more suited for cleans and i like my distortion. The DS-1 does a good job of distorting the gain channel - but its too dirty (even at low distortion settings)and the OCD tightens it up but not enough. I've played around with the EQ for countless hours. I've come to realize that the amp simply does not suite my needs and i'm better off selling it (i can get like 350~ for it)and buying an amp that does suite my tonal needs.
I need an amp in the $500 range that will get me a nice gain tone but be able to give me alright cleans in the process. I need something that will play post-rock(This Will Destroy You, Explosions In The Sky, Mogwai, etc) to grind (Nasum, Rotten Sound, Pig Destroyer, etc).

tl;dr - $500(+ or -), Post-rock to grind, i live near NY, can and prefer to buy used.
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Peavey XXX Head or combo would be an Good option.
Playing on some new gear....review to follow
There is a Gear for Post Rock thread here in GG&A that you might want to check out.

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