Ok so the other day i bought a triple rectifier from a guy pretty cheap. he told me that the tubes in it were original, and that he'd had the amp for 3-4 years. I got it home and cranked her up, and she sounds sweet as all hell. I didn't have a lot of time to play until today, and after about an hour of jamming I noticed that i pretty much lost all of my low end across all 3 channels. It went from a nice thick, tight sound to being really harsh and high. I adjusted the EQ knobs, but it didn't really do much for me.

Time for some new tubes ? this is my first tube amp, so I'm not sure where to start. The guy I bought it from said i should probably take it in and get the tubes checked out since they were original. The amp is still playable, it just doesn't sound as good as it did the first few times i cranked her up.

So am I on the right track here?
Anytime an amp exhibits a noticeable change in sound quality that can't be attributed to changing EQ settings, I'd suspect a tube issue. 3-4 years on power tubes is a long time, even if it does get only nominal use. You cranking it could have been the push it needed for the tubes to reach worn-out status.
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General Rule:

"If you think you need new tubes; you need new tubes."
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you need some new tubes. Have fun replacing all of them
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Quote by tubetime86
General Rule:

"If you think you need new tubes; you need new tubes."

I'd go by this.

Also, we're just talking the power tubes, here.

But as long as you're in there swapping, I'd look into maybe trying some new preamp tubes.

IIRC, though now I think it was a Dual Rec, V1 is very sensitive (in a good way) to different brands and types. It's chump change, and worth some experimenting.

well thanks for all the replies, but I've found my problem... I'm ashamed to even post this here, because it's such a noob mistake. My wah pedal was still on, and rocked full forward. I thought I shut it off, but I didn't hit the switch hard enough.

Go ahead, flame away lol... point out my utter noobishness. I would if I were in your shoes :P

At least I didn't spend $200 on new tubes before realizing my error lol.
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this has happened to me
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