Come on guys? Bloodlines isn't even up yet. . .
Electro Metal???

If it's any consolation ill put up what little of comet song ive been able to figure out.
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why not learn it by ear?

i know alot of people think of this website as some more unique versian of myspace where they share useless info with each other (specifically their opinions which the average asshole thinks is worth more then gold). . .

but this is a guitar tab website isnt it?
Electro Metal???


Last time I checked it was.

I havent listened to the album yet, is it good?
Obviously Fassa.
its pretty good, i mean its really good metal and all, none of the tracks are as standout as the first one. there isnt a thunderhorse or dethharmonic (imo the best songs from that album).

bloodlines is the one song im jamming regularly, hopefully the rest of the album grows on me
Electro Metal???

well it has been growing on me, this album is defantly more metal then the first and like most metal you have to force yourself to listen to it a couple times before you get into it. (atleast thats how death metal is with me).

Electro Metal???