My budget is around $200. I went to a couple of stores today, and this is what i found:

I looked at a Dean S2 with a spruce solid-top for $219.99USD, and an Ibanez SGT120 for $199.99USD. I really thought the Dean was nice, and i liked the low action and good feel of the neck. The action on the Ibanez was a little higher, but had a very bright sound, nicer finish, free pack of strings of my choosing, and comes with a hard case....but it wasnt a solid-top. What do you guys think?
I would say to avoid both and look at a Yamaha FG700S. It has a solid top for about $200.


You don't get a case, but you get a much better and well-built guiar. Dean and Ibanez guitars are all about flash and looks, but they aren't very well built. Someone at the Ibanez/Dean factory probably decided that lunch was more important than gluing your guitar properly.
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+1. The Yamaha guitars sound pretty nice, but the Dean's don't. I haven't played an Ibanez acoustic so I can't speak for them.

Oh, and never EVER go for a guitar just because it has a few extras thrown in with it. Spend the maximum amount of money available solely on the instrument, then strings, then anything else for later.
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