my guitar is a bit dirty and i want to make the body look new again. theres a lot of dust and foreign substances that i cant name. could you guys please suggest how to clean the body without harming the wood or the paint. thanks
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Guitar polish and a polish/lint-free cloth.
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i like use planet waves polish
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I use turtle wax...
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clean it with a DAMP rag, not SOAKED, DAMP! wipe down EVERYTHING (take the strings off because it's easier (body, neck, headstock, hardware)) with the DAMP rag. i use turtle wax express shine for the body, back of the neck, hardware, and headstock. for the fretboard, i use #0000 steel wool VERY LITTLE and then i was told to treat it with LEMON OIL. you can get MOST of this stuff at a local hardware store, but the lemon OIL, you will probably need to get at your local music store.

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Use Cillet Bang!
It removes dirt, grease, and grime!

BANG, and the dirt is gone! :P

Seriously now... I use lemon oil for the fretboard (but don't use lemon oil on Maple fretboards), and guitar polish to clean the body and pickups. Lemon oil and the guitar polish are relatively cheap, and you can get them in guitar shops.
But, CAN cillet bang be used to polish the guitar? ^^
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For the fretboard (if it rosewood) use furniture cleaner spray. Spray here and there and wipe it clean with an old sock or something.
For the cable plug spray Servisol or some other contact spray.
Ask your friends or salesperson in the stores for your local brands.
Happy cleaning...
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yeah use some care kit. and hmm use lemon oil for the fretboard (works best with rosewood i think) oh and that's not just a lemon oil thats a name of a cleaning oil! made by planet waves i s'pose
and idk get some Formula 64 or something (by dunlop if im not wrong) and hmm get a "dunlop guitar finish cloth" a really good one costs 10 dolalrs but is softer than heaven! and is machine washable

and the final advice is Clean your guitar as often as possible.. with the Dunlop finish cloth/ just wipe down the dust and fingerprints
keep it nice and shiny strings!

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For body i use and very soft cloth that i humidify with water, and wipe it over, for the fretboard, i put masking tape on the pickups and i loosen the strings, then i wipe a 0000 (four zero) steel wool on it to remove all the dirt on it. 0000 steel wool is soft so it doesnt damage the frets or the wood of the fretboard.

I know a luthier who use lighter fluid on fretboards after cleaning them, it makes the guitar feel "more playable" (sorry i dont really know how to explain it =\)
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Guitar polish and a polish/lint-free cloth.

What do you want to do, Polish the dirt?

OP, Get a Blitz Instrument Care Cloth. It is a fantastic cleaner for guitars for only $4. While you're at it you might as well order a set of string care cloths too, They make a huge difference.

Always tin your strings.


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But, CAN cillet bang be used to polish the guitar? ^^
If the guitar has a poly finish, it will be dulled. If it has a nitro finish, Cillit Bang will eat through it completely.
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