Hey guys,
This is a fingerpicking song i've been writing in and out over the past week.

I've never written a song that includes fingerpicking before, so don't be expecting a masterpiece anytime soon. It's not finished yet, and it's fairly basic and somewhat boring, but please check it out and give it a crit.

Also, the title will most likely be changed. I don't like it that much.

As White As Snow.gp5
As White As Snow.gp4
As White As Snow.mid

nice to see you starting out into the fingerpicking style. It's a rewarding pursuit, and if you keep at it and study how other pieces are constructed, you'll get better at expressing your ideas in no time.

I noticed some things about your tab that could be improved. First of all, what's up with the odd fingerings ? More often than not, you (consciously?) decide do forego an open-string note and instead insist on playing a fretted version of the same note. Are there any particular reasons for that ? (keeping a picking pattern steady, for example, is a reason, but not a very good one, in my opinion). Sometimes people use open strings or not, depending on wether they want the notes to ring out and blend into each other, and seeing as the piece would support that kind of atmosphere, it's odd that you didn't do so. Most importantly, the fretted notes make it -unnecessarily- harder to play! (which is especially an issue if you are a beginner and look for fast results - I'm not against challenging yourself, but I urge you to play smart)
Examples include the B-note in bar 2, which could simply be played on the open B string. Same with the B notes in bar 9, transfer those to the open B string and the 2nd fret A string. And especially the later sections, for example from bar 17 onwards, suffer extensively from this, there are much more convenient fingering choices.

The second point is that, well, the piece basically stays on the G drone for the whole time. Which is cool and all well if that's the effect you wanted to go for, but if you want to create some movement, you should look to include other chords as well (the fact that you said it's "boring" seems to support that you aren't too satisfied either). I'm also not really seeing a really clear melodic statement yet. I mean, it's not like every piece needs a 'vocal'like lalala melody, but at least something to hang on to, to come back to, which can be just as well an interesting arpeggio pattern or a nifty harmonic turn of phrase, or a particularly engaging rhythm, etc.
I wish I could be more specific in how to help there, but everybody's creative process is different. Sometimes I come up with a melody line first, then arrange the chords underneath, other times I have an idea for a chordprogression and jam on the melody afterwards, and sometimes I have some rhythm in my head which leaves up the rest what to do with it, and so on.. . Anyways, you are your own judge, continue to make music that you're happy with. The best way to get better is to play and analyze hands-on the pieces you like the most, and figure out what makes them sound so good to you, then in time you'll build up the "inner ear" necessary to replicate such with your original ideas.

Wow, fantastic crit mate. Yeah, I was just making most of that stuff up on the guitar, experimenting with what strings sounded good when played together etc, and made some carelesss mistakes (not using open notes etc.). I've read through your advice and it's given me a fairly better way of approaching the peice differently, and further writing to come.

Thanks again!