Hi guys. This is for a friend who doesn't have UG...

Copy and paste from email, lol;

"Hey mate, could you post this on ultimate guitar for me?

Hey all, heres the story;
I played a gig last night with my amp (Bugera 6262) and it all went fine e.t.c. Although i wasn't totally sure about the ohms, mono, stereo e.t.c on the back of this cab. So anyway, i turned it on and it went fine. Stayed on all night, great gig lol.

But today, when at band practice, i used my own cab again and switched it back to the old settings, started up fine, left it for 5 mins in standby to warm up, and then started playing. Anyways, after about 5mins i couldn't hear myself! I turned around and all the lights had gone off. I tried flipping the switch, used a different kettle(power) lead and it still didn't work.

So, any ideas? I really hope the valves still work, i'm very poor atm as i'm inbetween jobs, and a gig is coming up next week!

I'm assuming it could be a blown fuse or something similar. I smelt the amp after i checked the power and it had that "burnt electronic" smell.

Thanks for any help!"

So, yeah if any of you have any ideas or can help, please post here and i'll send them to him.

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"not totally sure about the ohms"...that's not could, he could have fried the amp.

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thats not good you need to get it checked out hopefuly nothing to bad, but check the fuse. if its all black it did its job, and then just replace it
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Bugera 6262 amps were notorious for having a clip inside them burnout. This would result in either no sound, very low volume or even no power at all. In worst case scenarios, this could even result in having to replace the power transformer. However, in 90% of cases, replacing the clip fixes the issue.

You can either replace the clip or solder the wires directly to the board. There are also a few Youtube videos that describes this in better detail.

Here are two videos for you to look at:



Note that this was only a problem with the first production Bugera amps. Bugera has since fixed the problem on their newer models. But it's almost a guarantee that it will happen on their older ones.
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^^...just replacing the fuse isn't going to fix anything. He may need to replace the fuse yes, but a burnt fuse means something else is wrong. My guess is the cab he used for the gig was under-powered either from a watt or ohm perspective.

Ask him to ask a friend to ask a friend to find out what impedance (ohms) the cab was.

if the amp does not turn on at all that means he has at least 2 fuses burned out. Hopefully his power tubes are not completely fired and burnt smell could be lots of things like a burnt wire, screen grid resistor, output transformer, who knows.

kinda hard to trouble shoot this stuff second hand. Ask him to join UG himself and get a multimeter to test that cab he used.

Bugera + Burned Electronic Smell = Burned Transformer Clip (most likely)

That's what happened to me with my early 333XL. Popped it open, there was a clip going from the input transformer to the area near the preamp tubes. If the power comes on but the tubes do not light, then it's likely that's the problem - the power connection to the tubes has been cut by heat.

Those early Bugera's don't withstand live playing and high power conditions very well with the clip. Remove that (and solder the wires direct to the board) and the problems go away.
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