I'll add the c-list ad later, but I did end up getting it

Squier Chambered Telecaster

It's got everything listed here:http://westernmass.craigslist.org/msg/1393967910.html

Sounds warmer than I'm used to. It has some tuning stability issues, but I'm willing to work on that. I needed another guitar for the 2nd tuning in my band, and I love the Tele shape, so this seemed to be everything for me. It also has a little scratchy-ness from the input jack I believe. But the action has no problem getting low, and it really is beautiful.

Not sure whether I'll keep it int standard or put thicker strings on and load it down to C...

(sorry for the crappy quality, my camera ain't as good as the ones some of you guys have)

I've been looking for one of those forever.

I envy you.
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That's one of the coolest looking teles I've ever seen.
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Thats quite the sexy looking tele.

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I don´t like it at all, but if you do that´s great!

That's okay with me. This is my first real step up from anything, er, "starter pack quality"m(even though I love my Yamaha), so it is a delight every time I use it!
I dont like the Tele shape.. but that guitar is AWESOME.
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That is one sweet Tele!
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that is the sex! that finish and binding combo is my all time favorite!
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and fender isn't running a model like this because??

lock your doors and windows TS. I am coming for it.
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and fender isn't running a model like this because??

lock your doors and windows TS. I am coming for it.

They are running something similar, but not as cool looking, and for about 3x as much as I got this
Mm. Even tho its a squier... DO WANT. I really like Telecasters, especially flat black with humbuckers.. but Id put active pickups on that baby and sand off the squier logo :P Thatll keep em guessing.
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Probably the fist tele i've ever liked


What model is it?


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That is super sexy.
I seriously think I want one of those now,
like no joke.
how's it play?
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