got a new tube amp, can suddenly hear everything my fingers are doing wrong

I've noticed that my pull offs are far less clear and pronounced than my hammer ons, what are some tricks to getting pull off chains of three notes at least to stay clear, and not fade?
theres no trick to it mate just good even pressure make sure your technique is proper as well.
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Make sure that rather than simply lifting the fingers off the fret board you are literally pulling the string downwards (in the direction of the ground). You want to be basically plucking the string with your fretting hand. Keep practicing it this way a little each day and soon enough you will develop the strength in your fingers to get continuous clear and smooth pull offs without even thinking about it.

Good luck!
The intro to Thunderstruck by AC/DC is a nice pull off lick. Use that as an exercise and consentrate on getting just the string you've pulled off to ring, no others. Also, actually pull the string as if you are plucking it with your fretting hand.
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One word: Practice!

And yeah, you have to have the proper technique down. Check youtube or something if descriptions aren't good enough. But you have to actually pluck. Also try and get them to sound loud enough without your amp at all.