Hi guys. Found this guitar on ebay and theres a chance it will go for not-very-much, and thought it might be fun to mess around with. Just wondered if anyone has any experience with the 20th anniversary squier strat, if it is especially different to a normal squier strat, and whether it is bullet or affinity series. I thought they only made this guitar for the affinity series. I am aware to be v. cautious about buying guitars off ebay, and I guess there will be people saying squires = not very good, but I would like a guitar to mess around with so it doesn't matter if i mess it up too much. Oh and does anyone know how much this retailed for when new? (possibly depends on which series?) Thanks.
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Actually my first guitar was a squire 20th anniversary. Mine , while i can't speak for any other '20th anniversaries' was an affinity series. Dark green color in the HSS configuration.

as far as a guitar to mess around with goes this isn't too bad a bet, brand new mine was $189. It's by no means a *good* guitar but it's not a complete piece of ****, i still play mine on occasion (it is *wonderfully* set up and with new pickups it may actually be a very nice guitar).

In all it depends on how much you'd be paying for it. If you get one and set up the action and intonation right they can be rather nice guitars once you swap pickups.
Cheers for that. Better not spend too much £ on it in case it turns out to be bullet series, and I will need enough for Pickups etc on top of the guitar. Sounds kinda like what Im looking for then. Cheers for your help