I actually love that song, the begining riffs are intense. Cant find anything else by them unfourtunatley.
I saw, hung out with these guys... Mallika is really nice. Overall they're a great local BDM band but I don't hear anything special about them. Also, live the instruments are tight but her voice isn't nearly as low.
anyone else?
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Yeah, these guys got a ton of publicity from Rock Band I guess. They're from my area, but I've never heard anything about them before Visions was in Rock Band. They really just aren't that great, honestly.
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Hehe avatar is same as above... dio fail

Not the same, dickwad.
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Hehe avatar is same as above... dio. fail

Dio and the word. Fail cannot be in the same sentence, so fixed.
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I thought rock band was made up of classic rock and radio friendly jock jams. Hm.

I thought this was about Abnormity though. I was all excited only to be quite let down.
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