Hey I have an Ibanez IC200 and I'm really interested in putting a Bigsby Tremolo on it, one for the fact that you just don't see Iceman guitars with a Bigsby and two because it would improve tone/sustain and just expand what I can do with it. My question to all of you out there is...is it possible? Are Iceman guitars not fit to support a Bigsby? Is that why you never see it? And if it is possible, what model tailpiece would I use? I've read B5 or B50
I can bold my text too! No it won't fit without serious modificiations. It will not improve sustain or tone and will in fact make your sustain shorter. And you can vibrato in a half step in either direction if you're lucky. Completely not worth it IMO.
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It won't improve the tuning or sustain. The only thing it would be useful for is subtle vibrato. The b5 should fit on the iceman.
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Echoing the people above. How would fitting a trem imporve sustain over that of a fixed bridge + stop bar?
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