This is pertty much my first attempt at a cover, so I choose an easy song. I havent played this song in a few years, I'm going completly by memory, so there may be a few mistakes.

Its just the basic guitar, I mixed it in Reaper, I think I messed up the intro, but idk.

Linky: http://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/ethan_hanus/music/all/play712013

C4C if you leave me a link.
Chevelle is great! There's some choppiness in the editing I think, splicing different takes together and such. Sounds like it would be nice and tight with drums and full band, good work.

What guitar and amp are you using? There's a lot of gain distortion on this track.

Mind checking out my Chevelle cover?
Thanks man I actually didnt splice anything together, I kinda hesiateted at parts trying to remember how to properly play it.

I'm using my Custom Metal Squier and my Valveking 112. I'm using the clean channel with a stock Boss Ds-1 as my distortion. Crazy, right?