I bought a Sheraton 2, like... 2 years ago, been playing indie rock, rock n roll, country, but Im not quite sure its the guitar I wanted, I was thinking maybe changing it for a Telecaster, or other...

also I look weird playing it, cause Im skinny and the guitar is pretty big.
Well, if you don't like it, go try other guitars and see if they suit you better. You might suit a Tele really well, but go and check.
Cam Sampbell's my hero
Im gonna try the Telecasters, though I dont know if I can afford a Fender (maybe a standard one, made in mexico).
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I dont know if I should buy a fender, cause I dont play with a band, sometimes I play with a friend but we both play the guitar.
thats why, I thought I shouldnt spend so much money on a Fender if Im not playing in a band, maybe I should buy a sx tele...
no, its not just because I look small, the sound can be too "deep" sometimes (like jazzy), also I dont want to have a $550 guitar if im not making good use of it.

also I would like to know if sx teles are good for intermediate players.
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i used to have a sheraton II and i didn't play it as much as my MIM tele cause it was huge and not as durable and not the sound i really wanted. now i'm kicking myself for selling it.. so i'd say get a tele but don't get rid of your sheraton II. you may kick yourself for it later on.
finally, I bought a peavey generation tele, sounds great, awesome tele sound, and for a great price.