So i've been asked by my step brother to join his band for a pretty big gig hes got lined up. He also says that this will be the first of many since hes got his band together now...

I've never had to play live before so i've never bought the equipment for a gig. He plays acoustically and wants a lead guitarist (me) to accompany and add some solo's. i think i'll be taking my PRS with Soapbars but i definatly want to buy a cheap multi-effects pedal which i can take to these now more frequent live events.

I'm looking for something that can give me a nice clean tone to accompany his acoustic which i can then press a pedal and get a nice smooth distortion to cut through the mix for any lead parts... I'd love any suggestions on which unit could supply this

Also i'll be running straight into a mixer

personally, I am not a fan of multi-effects....and since you mentioned getting a cheap one, that makes it less attractive

having said that, if you are going with one - check out Digitech RP series (150/250) or Zoom G 2.1u, or Boss ME50 (Iv used on and I hated it)

individual stop boxes are more preferred, and give you better quality effects, so maybe consider spending a few bucks and get a couple pedals instead

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Cheap + multieffects = BAD

If you want something that's going to sound good then you have to be willing to shell out some cash.

What are you using amp wise for this gig?
I have an RP150 for home/recording. It will take you a while to set up some sounds that will suit and you have to do it with the full rig as its different through headphones or a small practice amp. The pre-sets are plain terrible but once you work out the programming sequence its okay. I managed it and my eyes can't see the minute print of the manual. Just remember to leave slot 1 or a suitable slot for clean so you can flick up and down to the programs you want easily.
e.g. I have one song that has almost acoustic sound for the verses, a bit of drive for the solo and a lot of distortion & phasing for the ending. I put the verse sound in the middle with the others either side of it using slots 5, 6 & 7 ro cover the whole song.
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