Well I did a quick review of the Marshall Class 5 that people seemed to appreciate so I thought I'd do the MoFo as well, this is done with a tele and a fret king strat type guitar. My initial reaction was, well.. underwhelmed. An amp called the MoFo I was expecting a roaring little bastard that offended all elderly people within a 2 mile radius. But it was quite tame. When I actually got down to it I realized that this amp wasn't made to go that way in it's natural state it's a blusey little thing, you have to push it pretty hard to get it to break up, and the gain knob means that if you roll that off and the master volume right the way it doesn't break up and has plenty of headroom for a 30W amp even with the stealth switch on.

Then I discovered the 'MoFo' footswitch, the amp really proved itself there, the mofo switch adds a ton of gain. However for me (I play hard rock) buying the MoFo would be a bit silly since running the amp balls to the wall with the boost on all the time seems a bit extreme.

The natural tone of the amp I found to be quite bright in both the US and the UK inputs (I actually found very little difference other than the amp broke up a bit quicker on the US) which is awesome for the cleans, it really bring a lot out of the guitar and I imagine with a Les Paul and some decent pickups this thing will sound great. The guy I was talking to while I was playing it also said that this amp takes pedals well.

I think this is an example of an amp that would benefit from a different cab I didn't get chance to try one but the other guys in the shop agreed with me that a 1x12 would make it sound much different by adding that bottom end to it.

tl;dr: Blues men this is a dream (IMO), it has brilliant tone and is a very nice amp that responds well to your playing dynamics. It could also do classic rock as well provided it's not too heavy. (My local shopkeeper uses it to play Feel like making love - Bad Company and say's it's awesome for that kind of thing with nice cleans and then bash the boost on for some OD.) Anything more than that and you're going to need some pedals with it.

Hope this helps someone fire me some questions I might be able to answer them for you.
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nice review. Haven't got to try one of these yet
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I got one of the first ones (serial #7 fact fans!) and I love it - agree it's great for the classic rock type tone (my band plays Cream, ZZ Top, Skynrd, you get the picture!).

I use a 1936 Marshall cab and Les Pauls with mine and they sound mint!