I have played guitar, basic rythym, on my acoustic since 1987. I didn't get serious about getting much better and I didn't get an electric guitar until four years ago. I definitely have learned a lot with help from instructors, friends and wonderful forums like this one. I am continously learning something new all the time.

The one thing that I need to learn about more is using pedals to affect you sound. Two of the ones that I purchased pretty quickly was a Boss TU-2 tuner and Boss BD-2 Blues Driver. Looking at the very basics of pedals I know having a tuner and distortion/overdrive pedal would be there. What would also be included?

The music that my band plays is classic rock. So, I can see that a wah pedal would probably be one.

Thanks for your advice and knowledge in helping me learn more.

Your post is a bit vague, so I'm unsure exactly what you want.
You don't exactly have to have pedals to get great tone, but if it's for the sake of experimentation, then:
You got delay, whammy, phase shifter, etc.

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Flanger can be pretty fun to play around with
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TS, maybe look at a chorus pedal or something. They're quite nice for thickening up your tone and adding a bit of something to your cleans.
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Chorus, possibly a flanger, reverb or delay of some sort and a wah. An EQ can do wonders too.
You want to be a bit cautious, though. A mate of mine now carts a 4 foot rack FX system around with him.
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What's your complete rig, TS?

BTW: you can't go weong with delay and reverb, possibly chorus, flanger, phaser, tremolo and wah.
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That blues driver will really come alive with a tube amp.
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Thanks guys for all your feedback. I did realize it probably would have helped to give more info on the gear I play. I am mainly playing a Paul Reed Smith C24 and, sometimes, playing a Fender Telecaster. My amp is a Mesa/Boogie Express 5:25 and a Mesa 2 X 12.

My band plays alot of 70's Classic Rock like Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Allman Brothers, Thin Lizzy, The Marshall Tucker Band, etc... Alot of southern rock, as you can see.

I do have a few Boss pedals: TU-2 Chromatic Tuner, BD-2 Blues Driver and DS-1 Distortion. I also just bought CE-5 Chorus Ensemble, PH-3 Phase Shifter and a Vox Wah-Wah (model V847).

I asked my inital question because I'm trying out these new pedals and I was thinking about the music that my band plays. It seems like the tuner, blues driver, chorus, wah-wah and getting a delay pedal would cover most of the music we do. So, I'm unsure if I need the phase shifter even though it sounds cool.

Thanks for your feedback,

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So, I'm unsure if I need the phase shifter even though it sounds cool.
It's not The Allman Brothers playing Whipping Post or whatever its called, it is you playing the song. If you want to add a hint of phase, go for it; nothing wrong with adding your own element to the music.
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