where can i get vintage analog 8 or 16 track recorders? is there possibly a site that houses this subject for people like me trying to get my hands on a vintage piece of recording equipment? do not mention ebay please.
well you can get a tascam portastudio tape version
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I got a tascam portasudio (off eBay ). I think they only go up to four tracks though because that's all you can get off a cassette (They use both sides of the stereo tape at once). Unless you want to bounce your tracks the best bet is either be prepared to shell out or look into digital 8-tracks.
Post an ad on Craigslist offering to buy or trade for one. People respond to those types of things alllll the time! Besides, you're in Orange County. I'm sure there are tons of people getting rid of their old tape equipment after moving to digital. Even if you're not in the California OC (I'm from the NY OC) there are still plenty of people who have 'em collecting dust and need money.
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