I have a 15W Peavey Vypyr amp, and its speaker sucks. I can get a better tone (not sound of course) but definitely a clearer tone out of my 1cm laptop speakers coming from the amp's headphone jack, than from its terrible 8" speaker. I want to get a pair of studio monitors for 2 reasons: 1. I'll use them for my computer as well and 2. eventually I'll get a pod, which I'll need speakers for. I was looking at these:


But people say it's only ok, and if I'm going to use them to play my guitar out of every day, they need to do the job well. Can you suggest a pair of decent, very cheap (I'm looking around the $100 range) studio speakers that might have a good crossover to play a guitar tone out of?
i get a good sound out of my JBL L100's, and L50's.

clear, adn they are pretty powerful.

50's are for sale