Hello everyone. Like you can all see, I'm quite new to this forum and also to guitar playing.
I've played a bit on a relative's guitar and found it very interesting so I would like to learn to play. I must first choose my first guitar but I don't really know which one to choose. I don't want to spend more than 200 euros (293 american dollars) for my first guitar so I made a bit of research and I've seen guitar packs which seem to be perfect for the beginner that I am. I don't know which one to choose though so hopefully you'll be able to help me. (I live in France by the way)

Ibanez V105SJP
Cort Earth 60 Pack
Fender FA125S Pack

I found those three and thought they looked nice enough. I'm searching for a folk guitar by the way, but I think Dreadnoughts guitars are folk too right ? Any help would be appreciated, or any other suggestion of guitar packs. (Thank you for taking your time to read this little wall of text too )
I strongly believe that people should start with electric pack.
Sorryz for me bad engrish.

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music taste?

do u play metal?
or blues or rock or watever
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Thanks for the answers.
Oops, I forgot to put my music taste : I mostly listen and would like to play Rock music.
Corts are excellent value guitars. Might be worth pricing the Earth 70 though. Heard a lot of good things about that model.
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I bought a pack for an acoustic Yamaha and IMHO I say it's not worth it. For instance, the gig bag was more like a body bag that I upgraded in a weeks time. Also, the tuner is okay, but there are much better tuners out there than this one and the one they supply is very limited. In the end it's up to you.
First of all, thank you everyone for helping me.

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I'm not quite sure what you mean there. I'm assuming by "folk guitar" you mean steel-string (as opposed to classical) acoustic, correct? Dreadnought refers to the size of the guitar -- it's the largest and loudest.

Yes, that was what I meant. Thanks for the links, they really helped me.

So, I've decided not to go with a pack like suggested in this thread and I looked at the thread about guitars under $300 and I think I'll go with the Yamaha FG 700S or the Washburn D10S (I looked at the pricing and availability in Paris, which is where I live, and these were the only ones in the thread that were in stock and in my budget range). I'm also considering the Cort E70 like suggested above.
I've got another question : what do you think about ordering on the internet instead of actually going to the store to try the guitar before buying ? Will it be an error ? I read somewhere that it can be easier ordering from the internet because trying guitars in a store wouldn't make a difference for a beginner like me who doesn't really know what to search for.
Sorry for getting back to you after one week. Well, I went to a shop and bought my guitar. It's a Yamaha FG720S and I'm very happy of my purchase. Thank you everyone for helping me in this decision
congrats! that's a great choice - it's definitely a best bang for your buck guitar, comfortable to play and the solid top add to the sound and the volume. enjoy it