alright so im in a new band, im the singer and guitarist and have some questions

How loud of a pa system do I need to get watts wise and what is a good brand/type of pa system? And is the pa system used for just vocals or the whole band?

Whenever i record, i usually lick my lips or breath to heavily a few times during the song and it doesnt sound to good when i do that, how can i stop doing that?

Depends what kind of music, if it's hard rock or lighter then 100 watts should be fine. Metal will need more. Move away from the mic when making arbitrary sounds.
Depends on how loud your band plays. There was a band around here called Big Sugar, who were like a Blues Rock outfit, and they had a reputation for being the loudest band for 100 miles, including all the metal bands.

EV and Yorkville make good stuff that is pretty affordable, as far as PA systems go. Also check Peavey. For rehearsal purposes, if your band is not crazy loud, a keyboard amp with an XLR input might even do the trick.

As far as lip licks and stuff goes in your recordings... you could also edit them out, or use a noise gate.

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