Hey all,

Just a few hours ago, since playing my Fender HRD today, its made some weird fuzz/crackle noise on the clean channel. Usually the clean channel is sparkly as ever, but today when I was playing I could hear my notes being accompanied by a crackle aswell (changed guitars). As the hours went on the crack became more noticable. The crackle is not set volume, by that I mean the crackle is quiet when the volume is low and the crackle is loud when I turn the amp all the way up.

I've done a bit of my research, Ive checked my 3 little power amp tubes, they all seem equal (not bright, very slightly dim, but I don't really know how much "brightness to check with failing tubes"). Tapped each one with a pencil, no noise made on each one. There also seems to be a slight loss in volume.

One other significant thing is when I turn the POWER on, nothing. When I move the second switch from STANDBY to on, "Zooooooooom" kind of a weird phase sound (Imagine a lightsaber powering up) and the faint/light crackle begins immediately after.

Now I know theres 3 things that could be wrong (or even more im unaware of):

1. Failing power amp tube
2. "plate load problem" Failing plate resister of the phase inverter (whatever that means )
3. Some other resister problem transformer problem

Please keep in mind I am a absolute newbie when it comes to these electrical tech stuff. I bought this amp second hand in January, and its been fantastic since. Played it yesterday and it was fine, play it today weird crackle. I have not changed or added any cables, Ive tried with my normal fx loop combo and also removing everything from fx loop etc. The crackle is there whether a guitar is plugged or not.

I know I need to take it to the tech or replace power tubes, but I am really trying to save some cash by getting a idea from yourselves, the community about any specific problem so the tech can do it quick without some extra charge or playing with something else that can ruin my amp.

Any advice really really appreciated .
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I think you are on the right track.

It is probably the power tubes letting you know they want to be laid to rest.

On the preamp tube test. Did you have the amp volume cranked up and the guitar unplugged? And you were pushing on the glass of the tube?

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