What scales would you guys suggest for me to learn for funkier/rockier solo's? And what exactly is the basic meaning of a solo? Cause it's becoming apparent to me that playing notes in a scale and out sounds a little bit bland. I can't seem to make my guitar soloing awesome. Which is a problem. Well Awesome for me, everyone I play for says it's awesome. But I doubt it's cause they know good music. Not meaning to come off like an arrogant ass. Damn, I really do come off that way.
I have similar problems dude.
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The Blues scale. I do other notes as well, but I don't know what scale they classify as.
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Use a pentatonic scale, they come out pretty funky and bluesy depending on how you use it

For me, when I want to play a style, I just listen to bands of that style for as long as possible, and it'll pretty much come out of you when you try to play or write. Like, for funky rock and roll, listen to a lot of 70's rock music like Aerosmith
or skynyrd.

They use the pentatonic like crazy.
Gear: Lindo victory flying V, Orange 30w practice amp, Jazz iii guitar picks, mobile phone apps for tuner and metronome.
Any scale can sound funky or rocky - its how you use it that counts. Try and imagine what an awesome solo would sound like in your head, even put your guitar down and sing it, then work out how to play THAT solo on your instrument.
Try the pentatonic, or the Dorian mode. That can sound pretty funky. Oh and, if you haven't already, try bending the strings when you solo, use hammer-ons and pull-offs, slides, and maybe even some sweep picking here and there. Legato works too. Generally, it's not which scale you use; it's how you use it, and it takes a while to learn to use it right. So don't worry, just keep practicing and keep your mind open to advice, experiment, tinker around, and you'll get it.
Don't worry about any particular piece of technique. The secret to a great solo has absolutely nothing to do with any scale, it has to do with feeling the music (ok, does that sound as corny as I think it does?)
Try this: Take 10 minutes and turn out the lights. Maybe set up some candles. Now for 10 minutes, imagine that this is the last time you will ever play your guitar and just go. If that doesn't work, I don't know what to tell you.
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try this i believe its the pentatonic scale :

E: 5--8
: 5--7
: 5--7
: 5--7
: 5--8
e : 5--8

this scale will get you started on soloing, just go up and down with it and start out slow cause if u start out fast then you will get aggrivated and not wanna play it. when u think your ready to speed it up then try it
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That's not "the pentatonic scale", that's just a tab that shows you one place where you can find the notes of the A minor pentatonic scale.

And playing it up and down trying to speed it up is a complete waste of time.
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