I proudly present my new Carvin CT6C. The thing is literally brand new, doesn't even have pick scratches. By far my best "score" ever. Sorry I haven't cleaned the board yet, so it's kinda gunky in the pics .

another Carvin user, YES! amazing guitar man.
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That is some beautiful wood! It's like awe inspiring. Hngd dude!!

Ps I want my tacos and chips with queso still.
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I noticed that there was more little magnets

Looks like my guitar
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My next guitar will be a Carvin, I'm sure of it.
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Thanks sir . In my experiences with PRS (i've had many) no offense to PRS fans on this board but this Carvin positively buries all PRS guitars I've ever tried in every respect possible.
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Many thanks . I can honestly say playability and tone wise this is nearly on the level of my customs. Carvin has a new big fan.
Yeah nice guitar, what kind of pickups are those? They have an awful lot of poles :|
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Is this amazing? Could it be?
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nice man!! ive loved every carvin ive seen photos of on here. i might need to save up for one myself!

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Yeah nice guitar, what kind of pickups are those? They have an awful lot of poles :|

They're stock Carvin pups, I believe they're the C series. They sound GREAT. No way to really tell without pullin' em, and I dont wanna do that since this baby arrived setup exactly the way I like it.
BEAUTIFUL That's all I can say.. HNGD
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looks great. Carvin makes some beautiful guitars. I can't wait to have a go at one
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looks like a prs with a floyd rose. in other words a dream come true.

That's what I thought too . And no heel from hell.

Someone needs to explain that smiley to me cuz I don't get it. It's pissed, wants revenge, but then decides peace and love prevail?
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love that top
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Thanks man! Little bit bored today, so some more photograph-izing. I've found my cell phone takes pretty decent pics, probably not gonna bother with the digicam anymore. This second pic is as close as I can get it to the actual real-life coloration.

Thats just.. WOW

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Yeah I have no idea why Carvin has pups that look like this but they sure do sound great!