I am in some desperate need of help on my big English paper.

For my grade 12 English class one of the big assignments is a seven page essay on a culture/subculture and a symbol/metaphor that represents that culture. Currently, I am having a little trouble find a good culture/subculture and metaphor that I could write about as well as having a good amount of resources on. My teacher has said that we need at least 2 fiction books and film/4 short stories on our specific culture. If anyone could recommend a culture and some specific books on that culture then your help would be very appreciated.
That sounds like quite the extensive work we would be doing for you.

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Metal culture?
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Go in and get help from your teacher, its his job to help you. Asking us to write a 7 page essay is ridiculous.
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something to do with Punk?

That was a huge culture and there's tonnes on that!
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Well i wasn't asking you guys to right my essay, just to recommend some books on some different cultures that would be easy to find a symbol representing it.