Beginning of Killing in the Name. While Rage was never too clever with riffs, they were usually fairly bad ass sounding riff wise. Though Evil Empire had some slightly original stuff.
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Am I Evil? has a badass main riff. In other news, it actually does seem evil.
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Its great
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Bury me in smoke. Gota be.
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The "chorus" (I guess) of Cemetery Gates by Pantera. Awesome riff with the pinch harmonics
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The intro/bridge of Blackest Eyes by Porcupine Tree.
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Hello? How abotu war pigs or black sabbath?
thats heavy as ****
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The "chorus" (I guess) of Cemetery Gates by Pantera. Awesome riff with the pinch harmonics

and this↓

from symbolic
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hmmm. I guess Into the Void by Sabbath would by my choice of Sabbath songs. I still think Bury Me in Smoke is more badass though.
Gear: Lindo victory flying V, Orange 30w practice amp, Jazz iii guitar picks, mobile phone apps for tuner and metronome.
Black Dog - Led Zeppelin. It made me wanna learn that song.
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kashmir and heartbreaker- led zeppelin
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Metallica - Bad Seed, there's a pretty cool sounding riff in that song. They where jamming on it in the intro to the Cunning Stunts concert.
Immortal-One By One and At The Hearth Of Winter......THE most badass riffs i've heard
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verse riff in Dead by Dawn from Deicides first album. ooooold school xD
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Dyers eve by metallica. Amazing unleashed energy
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Crazy Train - or for solos - the second solo of COMFORTABLY NUMB...
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the "die by my hand" part of Creeping Death. Go on youtube and look up the live version. Now.
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Hot For Teacher definately, such a badass hard rock riff.
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Eternal Nightmare-Vio-lence

Raining blood-Slayer

Dawn Patrol-Megadeth

Impact is Imminent-Exodus

Just some favorites.
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