So my friend has offered to sell me his SGX L T Guitar Rack Mount Multi-Effects Preamplifier for 50 bucks. Should I buy it? I have absolutely no knowledge about amp related things at all either so help will be very appreciated.
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Multi effects=bad. usually. Ive never heard of that, and its a rack mount, so unless its really old, it sounds kinda proffesional. Just try it out first, or go with what you have heard him sound like.
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I havent heard it yet. It was his uncles that he recently bestowed to him. So I think it's old.
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Multi effects=bad. usually.

Rack-mount multi-effetcs = good. usually.

TS: Just try it out, if you like it then buy it. If you don't like it kick the guy in the shins and run away laughing.
Yeah I usually don't go for Multi effects but this seemed different. So I'll check it out
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no not shin,kick him in teh kidney
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