I've been searching Google for any suggestions on how to find something thats close Dimebag Darrell's guitar tone, something very scoopy. Does anyone have any good settings i can put into my Boss MT-2 Metal Zone pedal or my MXR M-108 EQ? please, i'd just like someone to answer my question, no one telling me i have to replace my metal zone. If theres nothing good i've found, i'll buy the dime distortion pedal.

current MT-2 settings

Level: 1 o'clock

High: 5 o'clock

Low: 3 o'clock

Mid: 8 o'clock

Mid Range: 10 o'clock

current Super Lead settings

Presence: 5

Bass: 10

Middle: 0

Treble: 10

Volume 1 (bright): about 1-1.5

Volume 2 (normal): 2

i jump channels, and the amount of volume i put on each channel affects my tone. if i can change my amp to a certain setting, that'd be appreciated too.
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i've heard this before, but please no critisism of this pedal please. i just want this question answered.