I have a computer we use for recording that needs a new SATA hard drive and were looking at around 250-500GB capacity. We're also looking at setting up some type of RAID system in order to backup everything. What hard drive would you recommend, and what setup would be idea for my band?
Ive seen 1TB (terabyte) externals for under $120, which is pretty good I think. That'll give you plenty of room for whatever demos or songs you need to record. You could probably back up most, if not all, your programs and VSTs on that thing too.
i have found seagate to be the best brand and i have heard about western digital hard drives crashing and losing all data. if you want a secure setup why not have a server on a LAN network then you can just shove another hard drive in when need be. anything under 500GB isnt worth the money you save. go to www.staticice.com for the cheapest computer parts. there are seagate 500GB SATA hard drives as cheap as $55 or samsung 1TB SATA hard drives as cheap as $85.