hey everyone,
I'm looking at upgrading from my 15 watt Fender Rumble amp (which is crap...)
I'm currently looking at the Peavey MAX series, likely a 115 maybe a 112. I also know that there are some Ampeg models in my local (and favorite) guitar store but dont know exactly what models they are.

Right now i mostly need it for band practices, and i need to hear it though a drum kit and two 120 watt guitar amps.
As well i do some playing in a coffee shop and in my school gym.

I play classic rock/ hard rock/ alternative in my band and personally i play punk and metal, and some funk

any suggestions?

carvin, which is very transparent, or ashdown, which is very warm sounding. You're going to want 200w, or more, depending on how much head room you want.

I personally love kustom, and they're a lot louder than their stated power
are those 120 watt tube guitar amps or SS? either way you'll need at least 200 watts. From the amount of genres you listed you'll probably need a pretty versatile amp. I'd look into Carvin or Acoustic personally....Carvin being my top choice.
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It depends upon your attitude to continuous upgrades and your wallet. So long as you can match the drums and persuade the guitarists to turn down then every time you double your power you will get a noticeable increase in volume of 3dB so 30,50 100 and 200W are the steps.

less than 200 though and you will probably be doing this again in a years time. Look for something which will take an extension cab whch will double the power without having to start all over again.
Nobody's mentioned the Peavey TNT/TKO amps yet...one of the new models would definitely suit your needs. (as well as most everything else people have listed)
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