First time poster here -- hope my question isn't too stupid. I'm wondering if y'all know of a custom shop that takes a template and dimensions of your fretboard hand and builds a custom neck based on those specifications. My logical mind says there has to be a formula for the best fit for a person's finger width, length, thickness, etc. I'm thinking of going custom ... it's either that or shopping around for ages and trying out a lot of different guitars.
try checking warmoth.com

or try building you own
id say check the central hub for a tutorial

EDIT: found the tut
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Do you have especially small/big hands and can't play on a normal guitar? If not, I would just go with a normal guitar, try out ones you like, etc. If you really can't play OK on a normal guitar, I suggest looking into private luthiers who know what they're doing.
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That is a good question.

but i think that they dont really have something like that.

i think theres only medium, large ,XL ,Jumbo Large, Jumbo XL
(not totally sure about the jumbo large)