hey guys, i'm in the running for a new amp Christmas time, and i am looking for an amp that can be used for small gigs and band practice, somewhere between $200-$600 lets say, an orange crush30r and a line six spider 3 half stack for example or maybe something i don't know about
If I were you, and I had 500 bucks to blow, I'd get something better than a Spider. Maybe a Blues Deluxe, a Peavey Classic 30, find you a cheap/used 5150 combo if you like the Metalz. The new Bugeras are worth looking at.

Stacks? - Get a combo, you'd be better off. I have a 5150 stack and it weighs a metric ton, add that to the moving from gig to house to gig and I got back problems. The speakers have wheels, but it barley fits in the jeep.

Old Fender Bassman 50 heads and cabs are feaking sweet if you can find one. Sometimes they go for less than 600, (Usually a 70's silverface model)

If you want the best small combo with great sound. Look into a Tube Vyper or Blackstar HT-5. (The mini stack looks cool as hell too).

all in all, if all you need is a single channel, get the Blackstar.
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and are you willing to go used?

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