Poll: Should i dress up or not?
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Do it! Don't be a pussy.
24 89%
Don't do it.... don't embarrassyourself.
3 11%
Voters: 27.
Me and 3 of my friends were talking about dressing up as the beatles in their Sgt. Peppers Costumes for halloween(just for school we're not actually trick or treating) and i'm not sure weither to do it or not. I'm in highschool and i don't want to be one of the 10 people in a school of 3000 that are gonna dress up so, i leave it to you, the pit to decide.

Oh and also, if anyone in the pit is planning to dress up, what are you gonna be?
Yes, dress up. Who cares if nobody else does?

I promised myself last year that I'd be Adam. Straight up whitey tighties with fake leaves taped to them.
Do it pansy.
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Im turning 21, and am going trick or treating with a bunch of friends, the oldest of which are 26 years old. Ill be going as either Kira or Jack Sparrow... ...and my friend, 26, is going as a ghost... ...a bedsheet with 2 holes cut into it...

Edit: DO IT!

Edit2: Also, if Im going as Kira, I MAY be cutting words into my body. MAY...
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You want to check my profile. Do it.

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Do it.

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P.S. I love your avatar.
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lol....do eeeeeeet
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