Hey guys. Im going to have about $900 to spend on a half stack soon. Im going to be playing stuff like August Burns Red, Killswitch Engage, and Bullet For My Valentine. I have a Schecter C-7 Hellraiser and a Damien 6. Im willing to go used, and would prefer it actually. So what would you guys recommend? Any help is appreciated because I dont know a lot about amps, especially higher end stuff.
Im asking more for amps to look out for that would get me that kind of tone. I havent played many amps so idk what to look for.
uhm i would say anything by mesa or peavey shuold fit your genres pretty well
but it is best to try them out if you havent really played them much so that you know if you will like it or not
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for that price u wont get a mesa so i guess the best u will find is like a 6505+
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buy my bugera 6262. its a copy of the 5150+.

its about $600+ brand new
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thanks. I was thinking about the Bugera but Ive heard they had a lot of reliabilty issues. Are the newer ones having as many problems?
Can anyone suggest a good cab for the Bugera? Is the matching cab good enough or could I do better?
They have had reliability issues. 'Search' on Bugera and read for yourself. I'm having a hard time recommending them. Cab wise, it depends on your budget but Avatar, Vadar, and Mesa cabs are good.

What about some of this stuff off craigslist?

I think I'd rather have one of these, especially that Rectoverb.

Oct 5 - Peavey 5150 2x12 combo - $500 - (nashville, will deliver)

Oct 5 - MESA BOOGIE Rect-o-verb guitar amp combo - $500 -

Sep 28 - Madison Divinity II Tube Head - $700 - (Unicoi) pic

Oct 5 - Kustom '36 Coupe Amplifier - $500 - (Marion, Arkansas) pic

Oct 3 - Marshall Amp Triple Super Lead 100 Excellent Condition!! - $650 - (Brighton - 30 min from Mem) pic

Oct 1 - Line 6 Vetta 2x12 100watt Combo Amp W/FBV Foot Controller - $650 - (Memphis) pic
^That Rectoverb plus the nice boost he could afford with the left over money sounds like win.
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at that price you're not really looking at the "high end" stuff, but there's always the 6505+ which is AMAZING. or a used Peavey Classic 50.
dont get the bugera

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I know it's not really high end but it's nicer than anything Ive used lol. The Marshall looks nice. Ill look into the Mesa too. The only problem is I have to wait for my upright bass to sell before I can think about actually think about getting anything.
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at that price you're not really looking at the "high end" stuff, but there's always the 6505+ which is AMAZING. or a used Peavey Classic 50.

Definitely not