Skank Divine is a ska band from Southern Ontario. Recorded our first EP just a little while ago, and have a few tracks from it up on our myspace/facebook pages.

Skank Divine is:
Andrew Marcaccio - Vocals/Tenor Saxophone
Brandon Barliak - Trumpet
Grant Finlay - Guitar
James Marcaccio - Baritone Saxophone
Justin Condari - Drums
Marcel Mongeon - Bass
Tristan Bloska - Vocals/Trombone

Check us out at




Or check out us doing a cover of Catch 22/ Streetlight Manifesto's Keasbey Nights on youtube at


Add us to myspace or facebook (or both!) if you enjoy us and leave some comments/criticisms here if you like!

You guys are very tight, I like the contrast in vocalists. Good recording quality, Ants Go Marching was extremely epic towards the end. If you guys for some reason are in Washington State, hit me up. I will be a groupie. Seriously, I love your stuff.

I'll add you.
Thanks man! I unfortunately for you doubt that we will be down in Washington state anytime soon. One day, hopefully!