Alright, today I got a gift from a friend of mine in the form of a flying-v esque home made guitar. It's well-used, but it's just oozing with all sorts of character, and the whole package is just really nice..

That said, I'm afraid there might be some serious wiring issues. It's got two toggle switches, neither of which I am completely sure regarding function, and three pots (volume, two tone..). I've gone through every switch combination, and it seems that only two or three really make any noise semi-consistently. The remainder either are completely mute or distort heavily and fizz out a second after every strum, and don't respond at all if the signal isn't loud enough.

So my question is this- Is it reasonable to repair this all on my own, or should I seek a guitar technician? In the case I ought to find myself a technician, where would I find one? (I live in Colorado Springs..) I'll probably ask around the local instrument shops tomorrow, but the majority of luthiers around here work mainly with acoustic instruments, and I'm a bit up a creek.
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seymour duncan and other websites have a million wiring diagrams. even if u dont even use those switches and just wire it normal, all u need is a soldering iron and basic motor skills.
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