Title pretty much explains it, how do I vote if a tab gets approved or rejected?
everytime i go to the 564 tabs pending approvel it only takes me to my tabs not other ppls i cud rate.
I believe you must have submitted at least three tabs, or somethign along those lines. Read the FAQ, it might be there.
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Quote by Artemis Entreri
You have to have had at least 3 tabs approved. It's really just a lot of denying though. I rarely approve a tab.

Same here, I have approved very few tabs. Actually I go there every once in a while and just check the tabs submitted for my favourtite bands, and even so, I never check more than 2 or 3 tabs.
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if its so hard to be approved why are there so many innacurate tabs lol
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Well, technically, if no one voted against a certain tab and it happens to be the first one out there for that certain song it gets approved (as long as it keeps the specified format). And as you see, there's lots of apathy on that matter, I've found innaccurate tabs, but I just don't care, they might help someone figure out the correct one.
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