im looking for a good passive pickup to go in a mahogany bodied guitar that has a good metal sound. I dont need extremely high output, just something to do a pantera/metallica/trivium/bullet for my valtnine kinda tones.

the pickups in paul gilbert's fireman are probabaly the best metal singlecoils u can get. Dunno if you can get em separeatly or even how much they are, but i'm guessing ur looking for humbuckers, inwhich i have no idea. The pickups in the JEM7V possibly?
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trivium/bullet for my valtnine... what's wrong with you, seymour duncans are good pups
SD JB or duncan distortion. maybe the dimebucker if you ARE tuning down and AREN'T doing a lot of fast palm muting

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3/4 of those bands u listed use the same EMG, why not use that? maybe EMG HZ? or else i say JB. i didnt like duncan distortion, it was very brittle and muddy.
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trivium/bullet for my valtnine... what's wrong with you, seymour duncans are good pups

What's wrong with you?

I suggest a Rockfield Mafia, I have one in my Aria. If you go to my profile, I have a link to my YouTube and you can see some covers of songs you'd like, and I'm using the Rockfield Mafia, so you can hear what it sounds like.
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If you're still using the amp listed in your profile then get a new amp.

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If you're still using the amp listed in your profile then get a new amp.

got 3grand to lend? lol
wait so you have money to mod your guitar instead of saving to get a decent amp?
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got 3grand to lend? lol

Mmm no but considering the amount of difference you'll spend on buying new passive pickups compared to spending on an entirely new amp I'd know where I'd rather put all my cash towards.
With your current amp, changing pickups isn't going to do all that much. Certainly, high output pickups will just make your tone worse (in fact low output pickups will mesh with an amp like that much better, regardless of what style of music you play) and tonally unless you go for a very extreme change from what you have now you're unlikely to even hear a difference.
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dimarzio d-sonic or crunchlab
seymour duncan jb

but get a better amp first
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basicaly its either - get $1500 for new amp and pups later
spend $300 on new pups now, spend $1200+ on new amp later

inevitably im getting new pup/s and a new amp. It just depends on when i actualy have the money
Only passive Humbucker's I have is my Dimebucker, and a JB-59 in the neck. They sound great downtuned (I play Drop Db), with my mesa, or JCM800. Beware though the Dimebucker is so sensitive that if you have any flaws in your playing it will show and sound like Poopie.

Beware there are people on this site that hate anything that has dimes name on it regardless of its quality but IMHO the Dimebucker, Crybaby from hell, Razorback V are all great dime Items.
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DiMarzio Super Distortion are supposed to be great in Mahogany guitars, never tried them in Mahogany, but id give em a try.
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Irongear Steamhammer. That way you get great pups and only spend 1/4 what you expect so you'll be able for a better amp sooner.
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I have a Ibanez sz 320 mh, with duncan designd pickups.
And they have loads of output and gain.
They are really nice =D.