I live in South Dakota, in bennett county, which is just on the border to Nebraska. I'm looking for a band, I play bass, and I'm not picky about genres, I'm open for practiccally everything, I like pretty much every type pf playable music.
I've been playing fpr about 3 and a half years.
I've have band experience, and I have written music and played live before.
I play alot of different kinds of genres..I play stuff like, metallica, as I lay dying, system of a down, franz ferdinand, tool, arcticm monkey, oasis and stuf..I like everything except for techno :p so I'm open for all genres
Thats cool i dig a couple of those bands. I used to listen to mostly alt rock stuff like Jane's Addiction and classic rock but now I listen to mostly metal. Where in South Dakota do you live? I live in Brookings
Thats western SoDak i think? If you're ever around Brookings you should let me know so we can jam possibly, i play guitar and scream