Well I'm pretty sure I'm gonna trade a guitar for a Cort Action bass and I've heard a lot of good things about the action basses, just curious if anyone has an opinion on it? I'm not in the market to get a super nice bass, i've just wanted one that'll be good enough to put bass lines down for my recordings with decent tone for slap
should be cool
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low-mid range corts are great for the price, I say go for it
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I bought one as a starter bass and it has been great. The general feel and action has been nice enough to play that instead of upgrading I am thinking of just getting some better pickups.

Other bassists seem to like playing with my bass too so I don't think it is just familiarity.

They are awesome man, it's very hard to find a bass with a better feel in that price range and the Tone is decent
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Ive played a few low end corts, and they've all been really nice little basses. I don't think you can go too far wrong.
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I got cort action V, great instrument for the price i paid.
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sweet well i'm really happy with it, the finish is really nice, it's like a flat dark red color that you can see the wood grain through, very sturdy, definitely doesn't feel cheap, and the tone it gives is very good - it was set up with decent action but i dropped it until i got buzz, i'm happy i traded man this bass is sweet
pictures please
Ibanez RG4EXQM1
Fender Jazz V
Yahama Pacifica 112
Acoustic B200h
2 custom 1x15 cabs
Vox AD30VT
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You have the exact same bass I have, got it a couple weeks ago doing the same thing your doing, trying to learn bass :P
I'm not a bass player but noticed this thread.

Yes, Go for it. Cort makes good solid guitars. No problem with mine at all
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