Hey guys im looking at getting a new amp. Im looking to spend somewhere in the range of 500. I play a lot of different music, but i normally stick in the category of rock. I having been looking at a Fender Blues Jr, but im not quite sure if thats what i want so i thought id get some feedback

Thanks guys

Additional Info
it is 500 dollars American. Some of the bands that i like to play Oasis, Foo Fighters, Incubus, Coldplay, ect. As for guitars I got an Epiphone Dot and Epiphone Les Paul. For Pedals I got a Digitech rp-255, a dunlap wah, a boss ph-2 phaser and a Ibanez TS-9. I would like it for home use but have the ability to use it for small gigs.
vox probably has the best rock amps for that price. A Valvetronix would probably suit you well.


they have very good cleans and quite good mild to medium distortion.
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You might be able to score a JCM 900 for around that price, around being the key word. But that may not be the voicing your looking for. A Vox would do you great. Maybe a used AC15?
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Peavey Classic 30
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Used AC15

Those are good options, what about getting the BJ with a ProCo Rat for some distortion.