I've been having issues with some of my tabs being accepted. I'll try to figure out what's wrong with them, resubmit them, half the time they'll be accepted on a second attempt, half the time they won't. Even if I don't change them at all, it seems the changes make absolutely no difference to whether it's accepted. I'll grant that maybe this is the problem with an automated system, but then I get a message like this:

"Wasn't this just rejected yesterday. Why do you think it would be excepted now when nothing had changed."

Grammatical errors aside, if there was some way to respond to such a comment and tell them: because it's a damn good tab, there isn't anything wrong with it, and not to sound like I have an inflated ego, but I do truly think it's better then the tabs already posted. Otherwise I wouldn't post it.

Let's go over the reasons the automated response gives me.
- We have a similar tab in the archives - As though they don't take countless and countless of the same song and same tab - for point of reference the one that I actually got a response for has two versions already out, and mine is completely different from both of them
- There are too many versions of the tab already - See (what I just said)
- It was inaccurate or not formatted - For the longest time I thought this was the issue, because when I clicked the link to see my tab it either didn't work, displayed wrong, or just had this half-assed formatting attempt that I assumed was automatic, yet completely intermittent in my tab. (I'm referring to the [ch][/ch] deal) But on my notepad it displays perfect, and on the preview it displays perfect, and I pretty much don't need the [ch] stuff because I've given the chords in this tab.
- It was intro or solo tab while we already have tabs for the whole song - Non-issue.

So what is the problem here, why is it being rejected, and why is there no forum for debating on this?
I don't know what to tell you man. It really amazes me how many awful versions of a song have and can be posted to this website but one more than decent version is rejected because the excuse of "too many versions". If space for UG is an issue, they should start deleting tabs that are useless such as the first 14 million versions of Smells Like Teen Spirit. My only advice is to keep on trying and hopefully they will give in and recognize it's far superior to the others. Cheers mate and best of luck.