Hey boys and girls of UG this is my first thread on the forum, i need some help i wanna make a good speaker cabinet a 4X12 or maybe a 2X12, with the best sound posible, what kind of wood do you recomend? how thick it has to be, can you post some pictures of the structure of a good cabinet to see how is inside, (marshall, or mesa cabs), what kind, brand, model of speakers do you recomend, im using a pod x3 live as a preamp and solid state power amps (MAYBE soon a tube power amp), i need a speaker model that doesen't add color to my tone..!! because all my tone comes from the pod, (this is only for a couple of years, i still saving money for my dream amp, Diezel VH4 ) i use les paul guitars with EMG's, i hope that you can help me to build my cab thanks :]
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To kinda branch off of what Phil said, you need to search. Those are two of the MANY threads regarding building cabinets. Search first, ask questions later.
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