Hey I'm working on a new song, wouldn't mind a little input. I think I'm just about done with it now, just writing lyrics, and playing with vocal melody ideas. Any input, likes dislike. It is in my profile, titled "Give In". As always C4C
nice song man i enjoyed that, what program do you use to get those bells and wind instruments?
i like the tone and recording. almost a pop sound at the start. it reminded me of tom petty for some reason. i like the bells or whatever they are. it needs vocals and good lyrics, but the guitar/band parts are down pat. by the 120 mark without vocals it starts to seem empty. nice job man. not much else to say. would love to hear it when vocals are done. keep it up.

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The intro was really nice......loved the bells and guitar parts man......but yeah, it needs some vocals, its really composed nicely to suite vocals man.....

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The intro reminds me of Explosions In The Sky. Great intro. This is music that I'd listen to on a dark night walking home from town... great fills and the song creates a perfect mood...

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