I acquired a guitar with a Floyd very recently. It's my first guitar with a Floyd and I'm having trouble playing it: when I bend a note, all the other strings drop down in pitch (almost half a tone). Is that a normal issue with Floyd tremolos*? Do I need to adjust my Floyd (tighten it in some way&hellip.

You don't need to adjust anything, that's normal.
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Thanks. God, that makes it really hard to play some tunes I'm used to. Any advice on how to play stuff like:


(where b is bend and r release).
u get used to it but maybe bend the 3 a little bit, but barely

i have floyds and don't really notice the pitch change in the other string any more
Well the other strings drop about half a tone so I would really have to bend the 3 to make it sound right. Maybe I could compensate the extra tension by pulling on the Floyd a bit.
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You could get a locking device which locks the actual unit, and block it temporarily for certain songs.
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hey man i had a similar problem

it was actually the way i strung it, i didnt block the floyd when i restrung (ie making it so it wasnt floating) i usually use a deck of cards between the route and the metal under the fine tuners
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